Forever a seeker with the desire to understand the meaning of life, I have studied and explored many fields of personal growth.

To be creatively engaged I seek knowledge and experience in:

-       The visual arts,
-       Fields of psychological therapies,
-       Modalities to enhance communication skills
-   Nutrition and holistic healing

-       Devotion to my spiritual path

My work as a Visual Artist, Holistic Health Counselor, and a Stay-Home Mother enabled me to understand the importance of shifting my focus to my spiritual evolution and the planetary challenges we are faced with.

As a result I participate in preserving primary forest in Costa Rica, a humanitarian project in India, teaching art to underprivileged children, and since last year, as per instruction of my teacher yogini Parvathi Nath, I teach meditations and the foundation of the Kashmir Shavaist path.

Wherever I find myself in the world, as a participant in the feminine voice of co-creation and compassion, I seem to take on the function of bridge builder, towards social cohesion, spiritual integration, and preservation of our earth.

All energy, all life is interconnected.



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